Monday, November 10, 2008

Solanin by Inio Asano

I read Solanin at the perfect time - right after reading Acme Novelty 19. As I mentioned in my previous entry today, Acme Novelty Library, while always great, is also always depressing, so reading Solanin, which is a wonderful paean to young people finding their way in the world, was just what the comic doctor ordered!
Solanin is written and drawn by Inio Asano and is a 420 page self contained manga graphic novel published by Viz Select for only $17.99 (most manga encompasses several volumes).

The central character of Solanin is Meiko Inoue, who's looking for meaning in life, having just finished college. Solanin is a rich, vibrant, slice-of-life book that shows the wonder that exists in everyday life if one just looks for it. And did I mention that the art is BEAUTIFUL (of course anyone looking at the pages I've postd here can see that)!?

As Inoue Asano says in his afterword to Solanin: "The most important messages in our lives don't come from musicians on stage or stars on television, they come from the average people all aound you, the ones who are just feet from where you stand." Read Solanin and you'll be transported to a happy place.

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